4 Fire Safety Tips For Summer

Nearly five thousand fires occur during the summer, which ranks second in seasonal fire incidence rates. No matter if you will be spending the summer indoors, outdoors, or any combination of the two, there is always the potential to inadvertently start a fire. Here are 4 fire safety tips for summer.


Grill Safety

An outdoor grill can easily catch fire and damage or destroy your property. Consider the location of your grill and try to place it as far away from your home as possible. Before you dispose of coals, be sure to pour water over them until the fire is out. Maintain a safe zone of at least three feet around your grill. Regularly clean grease and gas buildup from the grill and the trays below the grill.


Camp Fire Safety

To protect everyone from the danger of a wildfire, follow necessary safety measures. Build a campfire only in designated places, away from dry grass, dry leaves, and low branches that can catch fire. Keep an eye on the fire and never let it get out of control. Always have a bucket of water within reach.


Check Your Alarm

Your preventive maintenance should include a fire alarm test. Replace your alarm batteries regularly. A certified fire protection provider can help you streamline your fire protection program and keep track of required inspections!


Have an Escape Plan

Create and practice a home fire escape plan with two ways out of every room. As part of your plan, designate one person to get infants and small children out safely. Have a backup plan for young children just in case the primary person is overcome by smoke. Practice feeling the door, doorknob, and cracks around the door with the back of your hand to see if they are too hot. Designate a place to meet outside that is safely away from your home.

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