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5 Things To Do To Stay Safe On Your Morning Commute

Like it or not, commuting is a fact of life. According to the US Department of Transportation, more than one hundred and twenty million people share the road each day. Americans spend many hours behind the wheel commuting to and from work and consequently, traffic is heavier during these times. Rush hour can be very dangerous as commuters race to work and tensions run high. Here are 5 things to do to stay safe on your morning commute.

Plan Ahead

Always assume there will be traffic. It is wise to know where the trouble spots are on your morning route. If you are beginning a new commute, try it out in advance to anticipate potential obstacles and avoid getting lost.

Take Your Time

Commuters often take the strangest, most dangerous risks with their personal safety. There is no need to run a red light or drive on the shoulder of the freeway just to shave a few minutes off your morning commute. Nor is there a need to run across a busy intersection to catch a bus. If you are constantly running late, begin your commute earlier!

Listen to Music

In additional to lowering your blood pressure and anxiety levels, listening to classical music also makes you smarter. Listening to relaxing music on your way to work can prime you for an excellent day.

Use Traffic Apps

Try to evaluate your commute time from an analytical point of view. Use apps like Google Maps and Waze rather than relying on AM radio for your traffic reports. Compare the estimated travel generated by these apps to the actual drive time of your commute to refine your morning route.

Use Hands-free Technology

Over forty states have made it illegal to text while driving. According to the National Safety Council, over one and a half million traffic accidents are related to cellphone use. If you are using traffic apps, configure your route before you begin driving.

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