5 Tips For Hosting A Safe March Madness Party

For sports fans, March Madness is basically an extended holiday. Every year millions of people all over the country gather at March Madness parties and Final Four fetes. If you’re hosting a college basketball bash this year, why risk tossing up a big old airball when you can throw a slam dunk soiree instead? Here are 5 tips for hosting a safe March Madness party.

Food Safety

Remember three things: size, time, and temperature. Don’t put all your food out at once. Two hours is the maximum amount of time to allowed for food to sit. Throw out all perishable foods when they reach the time limit unless you are keeping them hot or cold. You will need a food thermometer to make sure food is being held or served at a proper temperature.

Premises Liability

Hosts have no obligation to inspect their property for hazards. However, they do have a duty to warn guests about known hazards. A homeowner could be held liable for a premises accident if a guest is injured on their property.

Underage Drinking

You may be one of the cool parents who allows their underage children to drink, but keep in mind it is against the law to serve alcohol to a minor. There is also the potential for a civil lawsuit if the minor or a third party is harmed due to the minor’s intoxication. Instead, serve non-alcoholic beverages for everyone to enjoy!

Supervise Alcohol Consumption

Aside from serving non-alcoholic beverages, serve food to encourage moderate alcohol consumption. Don’t be afraid to intervene if someone has become intoxicated and is acting recklessly.

Plan Designated Drivers or Rideshare

Before the party begins, coordinate designated drivers and other rideshare options. Inform your guests of their options for returning home safely to discourage drunk driving. If an inebriated guest does attempt to get behind the wheel of a car, call a taxi on their behalf and offer to drive their car home for them.

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