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Advocacy is in our DNA. From the initial founding of Jacoby & Meyers we have fought for justice and reform. Our victory in the landmark case, Jacoby & Meyers vs. California Supreme Court established the public’s right to freedom of information and paved the way for advertising in the legal profession. We have never stopped our quest for justice and reform.

Getting the justice you deserve requires an experienced advocate in your corner. The men and women at Jacoby & Meyers work tirelessly to get our clients the justice they seek. We are trial attorneys specializing in cases of personal injury, wrongful death, workers compensation, immigration, employment, bankruptcy, criminal and other areas of the law. Our active practice in accident cases focuses on autos, motor cycles, trucking, slip and falls as well as dog bites.

We represent plaintiffs as well as defendants. Each of our attorneys is realistic and possesses the requisite experience to distill your case into the most likely outcome. We are expert legal strategists. Each of us understands the processes employed by the opposition and how most effectively to argue against them. The men and women at Jacoby & Meyers have handled significant numbers of complex, multiparty personal injury, product liability, toxic tort and business litigation matters. We are battle tested. An outsized corporate defendant or the most aggressive defense lawyers cannot intimidate us. What matters to us most is winning.

If you are injured or have suffered damage due to negligence or misconduct, you need a lawyer. We hope your choice will be Jacoby & Meyers personal injury law firm. But even if it isn’t we urge you to seek competent legal counsel.

Practicing Law the Personal Way

The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers provide an intensely personal service. We represent our clients. We speak for them when they cannot speak for themselves. When our clients are injured or suffer damage as the result of negligence or misconduct we get them compensation for their loss. If the opposition has an attorney and the other side does not, they will lose. At Jacoby & Meyers we even the odds especially when opposing huge corporations or large legal factories.

Our attorneys are hands-on. Your case is handled from beginning to end by the same skilled lawyer. There exists a path to the conclusion of each case as well as particular rights you have along with a variety of options available as you begin your legal journey. Your Jacoby & Meyers attorney will explain each step to you in plain English. We will fully prepare you for every twist and turn in the process and keep you informed of the progress we have achieved.