How To Avoid Road Trip Accidents With These 5 Tips

Thinking of hitting the road for your next vacation? Whether you’re headed to the California Coast or the Blue Ridge Mountains it’s important to be prepared for the long trip ahead. Your “To Do List” should include proper rest, hydration, and car maintenance, of course, but what else could you be forgetting? Find out how to avoid road trip accidents with 5 these tips.


Safety Emergency Kit

An emergency kit can be a lifesaver, especially in hot or cold climates. Make sure to pack a flashlight, water bottles, warm blankets, Band-Aids, and a cell phone charger. It’s also good to have jumper cables and flares, as well.

Electronic Devices

Have the GPS loaded with your destination, and if your car has Bluetooth, use it. Never text and drive. You’re 23 times more likely to have accidents if you text and drive.


Learn how to check air pressure and change a flat tire. You can’t always count on road and cell phone service if you are miles from a town or major road.

Check The Accommodations

The number of injuries and even deaths connected with travelers’ accommodation may surprise you. Some hotels lack smoke alarms or sprinkler systems and may even have poorly vented heating devices that can emit carbon monoxide.

Watch The Altitude

Thin air, changeable weather, and sheer drops in the mountains are dangerous places. People have been known to die on occasion from altitude sickness while climbing over 3,000m.


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