California “Los Diablos” Wildfire Turns Eight Counties Into Blazing Infernos

Jerry Brow, the Governor of California, declared a state of emergency in eight counties. Napa, the “wine county” region is also one of those areas severely devastated. The Federal Emergency Management Agency promptly confirmed the state’s request to allocate federal funds to help combat and finally extinguish the fires. The Department of Homeland Security is also collaborating with local authorities to help.
From a recent report submitted by the state officials, speculating that high winds fueled the fires, destroying numerous residential and commercial structures. The count has risen to 1,500 damaged and burnt infrastructures, forcing around 20,000 people to evacuate.
Director of the state Office of Emergency Services Mark Ghilarducci warned citizens that the death toll is likely to grow bigger as firefighters find it hard to control the blaze. Ghilarducci added that the authorities are doing their best to mitigate the damage as well as casualties.
Saddening news from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reported that seven people were killed in due to the raging fire that swept through the area.
From recent reports generated by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, it is confirmed that two people died. Two casualties are from Napa County and another from Mendocino County.
California Fire director Ken Pimlott has informed the media that around 100 people were injured due to fire-related accidents while the number of missing residents are still undetermined. New tracks of disruptive blazes ignited around 6:00 a.m. on Monday (10 p.m. PT local time). The reports summarized that northern California wildfires now cover an alarming 73,000 acres in 25 different cases.
Santa Ana winds, a natural phenomenon is currently victimizing the residents, becoming the culprit for the wildfire. This starts inland, blasting torrid and dry air sweeping across northern California and the southern California coast. These hot, dry wind blasts are known as Los Diablos, or “the devil winds,” which are responsible for igniting critical and uncontrollable fire.

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