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California Wildfires Force 5,000 Anaheim Residents to Evacuate

More than 150 people went missing in California after the destructive wildfire burned the wine region, as reported by the police. The death count confirmed 17 lives claimed and more than 1,500 houses have been charred by the Californian blaze which ignited last Sunday.
Seven deaths were reported from Santa Rosa, Sonoma County including a senior woman found dead in her home’s driveway. The death toll is expected to rise even further as more fires spread, having 1,000 people injured and treated for fire-related inflictions.
Recently, a harrowing video footage shows the public the devastating impact of the wildfires in Anaheim, which forced 5,000 to leave their homes for safety.
Residential properties and commercial establishments are completely burned to the ground, while the authorities and firefighting crews collaborate to extinguish the fires. Big fires are still visible in areas like Napa, Montana, and Sonoma. While authorities were able to control the fires from spreading in these areas, the wildfire burned the entire 27,000 acres stretch of the neighborhood in Santa Rosa.
The wildfire is worsened by very dry conditions, torrid air and a 50 mph speed of wind, blowing the fire to a rate impossible to put out.
California Fire Chief Ken Pimlott told in one of his interviews with the New York Times that the fires are literally burning faster than the crew can run to extinguish them. With the fire ravaging 43,000 acres in Napa, deemed as the Atlas fire, the authorities fear that these fires will be even more stubborn.

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