California Wildfires: How It Started

Many areas of California have been destroyed by wildfires that killed 42 people and scorched more than 19,000 acres of land. The wildfires left nothing behind as it burned and turned everything into ash in its wake. Everything, from farms, to forests, to buildings, to grasslands, have been burned to the ground. It has been a huge disaster for the entire state of California.
Thousands of people were forced to evacuate as the fires started since October 8, with more than 20,000 people abandoning their homes in order to look for evacuation sites. 400 more reported as missing within the Sonoma County, not including other affected counties. People who stayed behind were told by the authorities that “they are on their own now”, because the fires were too dangerous.
Firefighters faced many dangerous days as they battle the destructive bursts of flames the wildfires emit due to the dry conditions and the strong gusts of wind fueling the fires. With winds of up to 60 miles per hour and humidity of 10 percent, it was the ideal conditions for wildfires to continue burning up and even become more extreme. With 8,000 firefighters working constantly and bravely in order to contain the wildfires, it was still not enough to uncover the real reason why it all started.
So the question remains: How did it all start?
A possible culprit for the wildfires is a malfunctioning transformer or a power line. Other possible culprits could be campfires and faulty machinery. There could be other reasons as to the wildfire breakout, but with the wildfires getting worse and worse, it is becoming increasingly difficulty as the wildfires leave nothing but ash which makes it more difficult to find out the real culprit. But still, regardless of the circumstances, investigators are doing whatever they can to find out what really happened and piece together the evidences they find in every wildfire.
The state of California was declared as in a state of emergency due to the damages done by the wildfires. Fire trucks, airplanes, helicopters, and personnel were sent out to help out in containing the fires, while others assisted the refugees and the evacuees in evacuation centers. Despite all the efforts of the state, it was still far from being declared as finished. Some areas are still burning up wildly, while others are starting to calm down. And with winds blowing hard and humidity in low conditions, it is still a difficult task to stop the wildfires’ destructive rampage.
In light of this devastation, our law firm would like to express our warmest prayers, sincere sympathies and thoughts of courage to the families and friends of the victims.

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