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What To Expect From A Wrongful Death Caused By An Airline

Plane crashes are almost always catastrophic to passengers, their families, and people around the crash site. These aviation accidents can be caused by pilot error, mechanical failure, weather, and other complications. If negligence was a factor in an airplane accident, victims may be eligible for financial compensation. Here’s what to expect from a wrongful death caused by an airline.

Determining Liability

Most plane crash litigation revolves around the question of negligence: did a particular individual or company — such as an airline or aircraft operator — behave in a negligent or irresponsible way that caused the accident? This negligence must be identified in detail in a complaint that is filed with the court.

Filing a Lawsuit

File your suit against the pilot, airline, or airport. This suit may be for damages caused by negligence or a defect in the plane itself. Cases involving defective parts of a plane will lead to the plane manufacturer being named as a defendant in the suit. In these cases, designers, pilots, operators, manufacturers, and even marketers associated with an aviation accident can be held liable.

Court Appearance

Some plane crash lawsuits are tried in court, but the vast majority of them are settled before even appearing in a courtroom. Only and experienced attorney can advise you as to which course of action is in your best interest.

Contact Jacoby & Meyers

Lawsuits resulting from these crashes can involve complex legal issues that take time to resolve and the financial burden caused by severe injuries to or death of a loved one can be devastating. If somebody you know suffered a wrongful death caused by an airline, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free consultation.

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