How To File A Lawsuit Against A Water Park

There are hundreds of water parks open during the summer and even some indoor resorts open year-round. Water parks are somewhere families can go to enjoy the day drifting along lazy rivers, soaking up the sun, and racing down exciting slides. Unfortunately, people of all ages get hurt at water parks and suffer all kinds of injuries. Here’s how to file a lawsuit against a water park.


The question is whether or not a lawsuit against a water park will be successful. Remember, just because you were injured on the premises of a commercial business, does not necessarily mean that the business is going to be liable for your injuries. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind …


Water park lawsuits are based on negligence. That is, most water park injuries result from an operator’s failure to provide a safe environment for visitors. In many cases, an injury is due to a failure to maintain or repair defective waterslides. Additionally, under-trained or overburdened emergency staff might also play a role. 


Likewise, other patrons can be held liable for damages if their negligence or recklessness has caused injury to another patron. For example, if a person does not follow rules or instructions, or intentionally injures another person, they could be held responsible.


Remedies for water park injuries are usually comprised of monetary damages awarded to compensate a plaintiff for their injuries. The damages award will cover medical costs, hospital bills, pain and suffering, and loss of earnings. The court may also need to determine whether or not a liability release form was signed, as this could limit the amount of damages received.


Water park injuries are very serious. If you or a loved one needs assistance filing a lawsuit against a water park, call the offices of Jacoby & Meyers today! Our attorneys can represent you in court to secure the entirety of your compensation!

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