What Happens If You Ignore Mandatory Evacuation Orders?

According to the Journal of Transportation Engineering, mandatory evacuation order increases the likelihood of evacuating by only 6 percent. Some who fail to evacuate include disabled people who lack assistance leaving, those who may not have heard enough warnings, and those who refuse to leave their pets. But what happens if you ignore mandatory evacuation orders?


Evacuation Authority

No one wants to be told to leave their home, but the idea behind mandatory evacuation orders is to protect the people, therefore, state governments are allowed to create and enforce regulations that promote public safety.


Evacuation Enforcement

Despite strict evacuation statutes, few people are arrested for failing to comply with an evacuation order. Some statutes even have exceptions if you choose to stay on your own property.

Even though you may not get thrown in jail, you should comply with an evacuation order because, not only are you putting your own life in danger, you may be endangering rescue and emergency personnel who put their lives at risk during natural disasters.


California Law Regarding Mandatory Evacuation

According to California law, anyone who violates any orders or regulations from the Emergency Services Act can be found guilty of a misdemeanor. If convicted, they can be fined an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars, imprisoned for a term not to exceed six months, or both. Anyone who enters a closed-off area can also be found guilty of a misdemeanor. Additionally, anyone who delays, willfully resists, or obstructs any peace officer, public officer, emergency medical technician or firefighter while trying to do their job can be fined up to one thousand dollars or imprisoned up to a year.


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