Robert Pina and Richard Campbell Injured in Airplane Crash on Hogan Dam Road near Hunt Road in Calaveras County

Have You Been Injured At An Airport?

As we all know, the airport is a complex structure involving multiple airlines and parking structures. So complex, in fact, that it’s often hard for us to find our way around this man-made maze. So, what happens if you get injured while you’re there? Whom do you sue? Travel injury cases are actually much more difficult to navigate because the incident, the place of medical care, and the injured person’s home usually involve completely different locations. The injured person typically lives in one state, gets injured during transit in a second state, but receives medical care in a third state. Therefore, gathering evidence also becomes more complicated. Have you been injured at an airport?


Is The Airport Or Airline Liable?

When an accident occurs inside the terminal, on a walk from one gate to another, in the food court, waiting areas, or other public places, the airport manager will be the one liable for injuries that occur due to its negligence.


When an accident occurs on an airplane, however, the airline will usually be liable for the injuries. Examples would include a trip and fall in the aisle, an injury caused by an attendant, and being hit by an object falling out of the overhead bin.


Domestic vs. International Travel

But what if the injury occurred in the United States on a domestic flight that involved a changeover? Well, that could change everything. A lawsuit might be brought against the airport authority rather than the airline in that case. East state and airport needs to be taken on a case by case basis, and it can get very complicated as to whom to sue and where to bring that lawsuit.


If you were injured at an airport in any type of accident, contact us at Jacoby & Meyers. Call (888) 522-6291 for a free consultation. If a claim for damages needs to be initiated against the City and/or the airport, time limits and special rules will then apply because they are governmental entities.

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