5 Reasons To Choose Jacoby & Meyers For Your Major Injury Lawsuit

A major injury can present challenges to each and every aspect of daily life. A major injury will often leave a person in constant pain for the rest of their life. Even minor tasks that were once easy to perform can become hard or even impossible to accomplish. Major injuries may lead to a lifetime of expensive medical treatment and may impair your ability to work which will result in a loss of earnings. Only by hiring an experienced major injury lawyer will you ensure justice for yourself or a loved one. Here are 5 reasons to choose Jacoby & Meyers for your major injury lawsuit.

Red Tape

Our expert attorneys are familiar with the complicated legal procedures, confusing medical terms, and stacks of paperwork common in major injury lawsuits. While you recover, our dedicated attorneys will work diligently to secure your just compensation.

Dedicated to You

Many major injury lawsuits are resolved by a negotiated settlement instead of a trial. Our zealous attorneys will negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf and try to resolve the case as early as possible. If a trial is necessary, our attorneys will represent you in court, developing a legal strategy designed to help you recover all available damages!

Emotional Support

Anger, pain, frustration, and fear may impact your ability to see the facts clearly. The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers will remain objective about your case and will not make a rash decision. In the passion of the moment, you may be tempted to go for a quick payout but our attorneys may advise you that it is in your best interest to wait for a more appropriate offer.

Contingency Fee Basis

Our attorneys collect nothing if your case does not win. Nevertheless, you are responsible for certain expenses not directly related to an attorney’s services, such as the doctor’s charge for reviewing your records or being interviewed.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are notorious for making it a challenge to receive fair compensation for your injuries. By hiring one of our seasoned attorneys, you will have the best representation to negotiate with insurance companies and increase your odds of receiving the compensation you deserve. It is imperative that you contact our law offices before speaking with an insurance company to ensure you do not give them information that could negatively affect your case.

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