Accident Attorneys in Long Beach CA

For over four decades, Jacoby & Meyers has been offering quality legal representation to victims of auto accidents, personal injury, defective products and other various practice areas. With a national reputation that is unmatched in the legal industry, we strive to provide quality and dependable representation to individuals and families in times of need. Our personal injury attorneys in Long Beach, CA can help you find a legal solution to your case and ensure that your rights are protected.

At Jacoby & Meyers, our mission is “to protect the rights of average citizens and provide full legal services to the public consumer.” Whether you are seeking a personal injury attorney or a medical malpractice lawyer, we have the experience, resources and diligence to exceed your expectations when it comes to handling your legal problems. Contact Jacoby & Meyers in Long Beach today for a free consultation and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.


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