Participating Safely In The LA Marathon

This Sunday, March 19th, 2017, marks the thirty-first annual LA Marathon. Over twenty-four thousand athletes from all fifty states and more than sixty-three countries will set out from Dodger Stadium to accomplish a personal dream by reaching the finish line in Santa Monica. If you plan on running this year, read below our brief guide for participating safely in the LA Marathon!

Before the race, warm up with at least twenty minutes of stretching, jogging, and sprinting. Eat early to allow for proper digestion and remember the 10-30-45 Rule: take a sip of water ever ten minutes, nibble something salty every thirty minutes, and eat one hundred calories every forty-five minutes. Do not overdrink as this can cause distress and time-consuming bathroom breaks. Following these rules will keep your body sustained and cramp-free for the duration of the race.

Being that the LA Marathon’s ‘Stadium to the Sea’ is a hilly course, expect to go slower than normal. Run at your own pace, not your friend’s pace, and take walking breaks as often as needed. Do not try to make up for lost time as doing so will make you burn out. Run with proper form; directing all your motion forward, keeping your arms bent alongside your body as opposed to across your body. Lean forward and drive those arms when tackling hills.

Be comfortable on race day. Wear an old sweatshirt for the morning chill and toss it aside when you are warmed up and on your way. Utilize a smart-fitting fanny pack filled with salty snacks and your phone. Do not wear new shoes as they may rub you the wrong way and do not forget to wear sunscreen.

Most importantly, designate an emergency contact who will be on standby in case something goes wrong and you need a pickup. In the event that you are injured while participating in the LA Marathon, immediately seek medical attention and then call the law offices of Jacoby & Meyers.

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