What You Need To Know About Premises Liability Lawsuits In Sacramento

Most personal injury cases are based on negligence, and premises liability cases are no exception. In general, negligence means that a property owner has failed to use reasonable care in connection with a property. Here’s what you need to know about premises liability lawsuits in Sacramento.


You must prove that the defendant owned, occupied, or leased the property. Then you have to show that the property owner knew or should have known that the premises were unsafe and failed to take proper steps to fix the situation. The next thing you must prove is that you were injured. You can do this through your testimony, and the testimony of any treating doctors. You can also provide medical bills and expert testimony with regard to your injuries, the extent of your medical treatment, and how your injuries and ongoing medical care will affect your life.


It is important to note that simply because you were injured on someone’s property does not mean that the property owner was negligent. Furthermore, simply because the property might have been in an unsafe condition does not automatically mean that the property owner was negligent.


If you or a loved one has suffered a premises liability injury, you should speak with an experienced attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Contact us today for a free analysis of your claim! If you have a valid claim, our lawyers will work with you on a contingency basis, collecting payment only if you win or settle your case!

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