5 Ways To Stay Safe While Participating In Winter Sports

Whether hopping on a sled, riding the ski lift, or lacing up those old ice skates, breathing in that crisp air can make you feel alive. With this excitement comes the need to remind yourself and your family to take precautions to avoid injury. It’s important to remember that everyone is susceptible to injury. Understanding the risks associated with winter sports, as well as preventative measures you can take, it the most effective way to avoid a trip to the emergency room. Here are 5 ways to stay safe while participating in winter sports.

Stay Warm

No matter which winter sport you play, staying warm is imperative. The right clothing and equipment will keep you safe as you have fun. Wear several layers of light, loose clothing. Layers can be removed or added as needed according to a constantly changing body temperature.

Wear a Helmet

The majority of serious winter-related injuries are head injuries. Helmets are effective in reducing fifty percent of head injuries in winter sports. Different activities require different types of helmets so choose appropriately and make sure they are well fitted.

Know Your Limits

If it’s your first time on the slopes, take lessons from an expert. Learn the fundamentals from a pro, start slowly, and be patient. Know your limitations and make sure your friends and family do as well. Most common winter sports injuries happen at the end of the day when people push themselves to power through one last game, a trip down the mountain, etc.

Know Your Surroundings

Pay attention to weather advisories and do not ignore any threatening weather conditions. Following the rules may not always be thrilling, but it will keep you safe. Avoid playing in areas with trees and other obstacles.

Play With a Friend

Don’t participate in winter sports alone. The most dangerous thing you can do is go off on your own. Bring someone with you and try to stay as close to each other as possible in case of an emergency. Young children should always be supervised by an adult.