5 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want Accident Victims To Know

For many of us, the insurance industry is a mystery. If you find yourself working with an insurer on your personal injury claim, know that the insurer, their adjuster, and attorney are working from a playbook that no one outside the industry will tell you about. Here are 5 secrets insurance companies don’t want accident victims to know.


They Offer To Pay All Your Lost Wages and Medical Bills

If you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, however, you may also be able to recover additional compensation for future wages, lifestyle changes, or damages due to pain and suffering.


They Hope You Fail To Report All Injuries Related To The Accident

If you don’t report all injuries, insurance companies may use that against you in a court case or settlement. Make sure to also go immediately to a hospital or your doctor for a medical evaluation.


They Don’t Want You To Take Photos Of The Cars Involved In The Accident

 It’s very important that you take pictures from all angles of all cars involved in the accident in order to show the extent of the vehicle damage.


They Don’t Want You To Keep A Record Of Your Expenses

Keep a full record of all expenses related to your case. You will need these receipts in order to claim them. Don’t forget car rental fees, home care services, and drug prescriptions.


They Want You To Admit Fault At The Scene Of The Accident

Never admit fault for the accident or discuss how it happened. If you admit fault or take partial blame for the collision, you may end up being responsible for some of the costs.


If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident, contact Jacoby & Meyers at (888) 522-6291. Report any claims for accidents immediately, as limitations may lower or extinguish your claim.

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