Can I Apply For Social Security Disability After A Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have received compensation from a personal injury settlement, you may be worried it may prevent you from applying for Social Security Disability. You may be asking yourself, ‘can I apply for Social Security Disability after a personal injury settlement?’ The answer is yes, you can apply for Social Security Disability after a personal injury settlement.

Missing out on these much-needed government benefits could be catastrophic for a disabled individual. Ideally, you can receive compensation in a personal injury case to help cover your medical bills, necessary repairs, and other related costs while Social Security Disability benefits help you deal with the long-term loss of income and a lifetime of uncertainties. In fact, pursuing SSD and a personal injury settlement at the same time may benefit you: If you can prove to the Social Security Administration that you have a disabling injury preventing you from working, it will speak volumes in your personal injury case.

It is important to remember that Social Security Disability is not a needs-based program. Earning these benefits is based on you having a severe, long-standing disability that prevents you from finding or maintaining gainful employment. It does not matter how much money you have, provided you are not receiving the money from work or certain other public sources. Thus a personal injury case shouldn’t reduce or terminate your benefits, even if your settlement is substantial.

Whether you need help with your personal injury case, a Social Security Disability appeal, or both, we can help you navigate the system and make sure you do not miss out on the benefits to which you are entitled!

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