Slip and Fall Lawyer Review: Slip and Fall Lawyer Review 5-Star Rating

Slip and Fall Lawyer Review: A slip and fall accident changed her life in a second; and she was faced with serious new challenges. We were able to help her and we’re proud of the results of our case.

Video description: In this video testimonial, Cora, a slip & fall accident victim, talks about her experience with Jacoby & Meyers, including her gratitude for the resulting seven figure settlement she received. Watch now and see how Jacoby & Meyers can help you in an accident.

About Jacoby & Meyers: Jacoby & Meyers has represented more than 100,000 clients during 40 years of legal practice. In that time, many of these clients have been victims of slip-and-fall accidents. Not only does Jacoby & Meyers have the resources and investigators to build a top-flight case, but they also have the resources to manage the case for the lengthy time that might be required to prepare the case, to go court and win.

Slip and Fall Accident Victim

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