How To Pursue A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Caused By A Premises Accident

Did you know it is your legal right to expect the premises of any California facility to be cared for and free of potentially harmful liabilities? Business owners and building owners are responsible for keeping everyone in their space safe. Failure to do so can quickly lead to a wrongful death and financially ruin a business. If someone you know has suffered a wrongful death due to unsafe property conditions, read below how to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit caused by a premises accident.

Reason for Lawsuit

A variety of factors can lead to a wrongful death caused by a premise accident. Some examples include exposure to harmful chemicals, exposure to smoke or fire, fatal slip and fall accidents, collapsed buildings and more. Businesses that violate building codes and ignore public safety are completely disregarding the well being of others and placing them at the risk of suffering a wrongful death.

Who Can Sue

A wrongful death lawsuit must be filed by a representative on behalf of the survivors who suffered damage from the decedent’s death. Immediate family members, life partners, distant family members, and persons who suffer financially are all eligible to seek professional help while dealing with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Who to Sue

Usually, a wrongful death lawsuit caused by a premises accident is brought against management and owner personnel in charge of operating and maintaining any establishment open to the public. Shopping centers, restaurants, parking garages, golf courses, day care centers, and hospitals are just some of the properties that can be held responsible for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Proving Negligence

Only a skilled attorney can prove the case by demonstrating how any individual in charge of the premises knew, or should have suspected, a hazardous condition existed. As an example, property owners and others might be held liable for an accident occurring on an icy or snowy sidewalk in front of the premises not cleaned after a reasonable length of time following a storm.

Call Jacoby and Meyers

If someone you know has suffered a wrongful death caused by a premises accident, it is crucial to hire a skilled personal injury attorney who can protect your rights and the rights of the deceased. Immediately seek the services of Jacoby & Meyers if you feel you have a case.

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